Material Nodes Not Working Correctly.

Some of the material nodes aren’t working correctly on Adreno chipsets.

The ones I found so far are:
Distance Node (though only in some cases I can’t reproduce right now)
SphereGradient3D Node (Video)
RayTracedSphere and ProceduralRayTracedSphere (Video as well).

It’s a pity cause these are the nodes I’m using a lot and are not that expensive. Any suggestions why this happens or how to fix that?

Total shot in the dark but check out the following link onCustomized UV Coordinates as it could help. If not please let us know.

Gonna give it a try. Thanks.

Well, problem is, I don’t want to have these calculated on vertex shader. It won’t do. I need pixel shader calculation.
Seems on ES2 these nodes just don’t work correctly.