Material Layering Instanced Textures

Hello! I’m trying to play around with the material layering system to allow for a library to be utilized in an environment im working on. Each asset I’m using will have a custom RGB mask that will be utilized in the Blend Asset of each material layer, and I’ve noticed that in doing this, each time I load in the blend asset to a new layer, it uses the RGB packed texture as a new texture sampler, adding to the overall count and complexity of the shader.;base64

Since Material Attribute Layers node only takes in full material attributes, I cant think of a way to add in a global texture to the layers so that they can be used across all layers and blend assets. This would be ideal to keep the texture count as low as possible allowing for a more efficient material workflow

bumping this. would be great to be able to reuse stuff. that’s one big drawback atm.