Material is tiled on wall - please help

I imported a 1024 x 1024 image as a texture. I created a new material and used that texture as the base color. When I try to apply the material to a wall it is tiled instead of 1 image.

Any suggestions?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Add a texutre coordinate node into your material and then just scale it up until it fits the wall -> that’s the easiest solution

I added a TexCoord, but it still won’t work no matter what I change things to.

I am using a 1024x1024 texture on a basic 500x500 wall. This should be quite simple to figure out, but it is getting frustrating…

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Is the “basic 500x500” wall a BSP in-editor created volume, or is it a static mesh?

If you created the wall in the editor you should be able to scale the UV co-ordinates from the “details” tab (when the wall is selected)

Even when you set it to 0.1? Because I have tried it out some sec. ago and it worked ^^

It’s the Wall_500x500 (Static Mesh) found under Architecture in the sample levels…

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I am playing around with the Details panel on the TexCoord. Are you setting both UTiling and VTiling to 0.1?

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When you want to keep the proportions, then yes :slight_smile:

What is the value in “Coordinate Index” at? Because it’s still not working for me…

I’ll note that I have a border line at the top of the texture, so I can tell it’s not showing up right on the wall.

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Well I made it work taking another route. I used a Box brush, set my texture properly on it and converted it to a static mesh with the correct UV and light map settings.

Seems to work well at this point…:slight_smile:

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