Material is solid white instead of showing texture; Android Vulkan preview on desktop looks normal

I’m using the SuperGrid Starter Pack free asset pack for prototyping. On desktop, it looks fine, even with the viewport set to Android Vulkan ES3.1 preview, but on the device (an Oculus Quest, but functionally the same as a Google Pixel 2), the mesh with the M_SuperGrid_Default texture applied shows up as solid white, which essentially defeats the whole purpose of using the asset pack in the first place (meshes that scale without distorting their textures, among other things). I’ve done a bit of searching and can verify that none of the textures in the pack exceed size 2048 in either dimension, so I’m not sure what the problem is. The only other guidance I could find was to enable sRGB on them, but that didn’t help, either.

I’ve uploaded one video showing what the asset’s project looks like when it runs on the device, vs what the same textures look like when applied to a mesh in my own project. I have no idea what causes the difference in behavior.