[MATERIAL] Interior Mapping

Hey guys!

Figured I’d post it here as well! :slight_smile: I’ve just released a material function which allows you to easily add Joost van Dongen’s interior mapping (hoi Joost!) to your own buildings and structures. A recent example of interior mapping can be found in Watch Dogs:

I’ve made a lightweight version (on its own, it’s completely invisible in the Shader Complexity view) and condensed it down to a simple material function (MF_InteriorMappingSimple), which you can call from any material. I’ve bundled the project with several example materials and textures to show you how to use it.

Some images from the viewport and editors:
InteriorMaterial.jpg 69c3c60a3abc4beb954974df87b2b8de1e79e99f.jpeg InteriorViewport2.png InteriorViewport.png

Download link

Quick note: The room and tiling settings are set to very small values in order to emit some multiplications (due to UE4’s distance units) to keep it as fast as possible.


This…is…awesome… I’m light years away from any kind of project completion (total newbie) but will for SURE be using this! Thanks!

Cheers man, appreciate it, enjoy! :smiley:

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Wow, this is horrific! :slight_smile:
Thank you soo much; Iam going to try it definitely and maybe can use it as well!
Is there an option to input multiple wall/ceiling textures that are used randomly to get a more natural look?

Very cool find, thanks for the share!

@QuickBrownFox: I’ll see what I can do, I’ve experimented with them but they add quite a lot of math, which I’m trying to avoid, at least for now, since I’m aiming for the cheapest version :wink:
@Hackmet: What you can do is divide the texture into 4 parts and adjust the UV settings, I don’t have a setting to randomize just yet, I’ll look into it!
@ZeJudge: Cheers mate, my pleasure!

Thanks. Riiiight, this should work somehow, although a randomized way would be appriciated :wink: But no rush, thanks a lot so far for sharing your work!

Just one quick understanding-question: I apply this material to a plane that is “behind” my actual windows?

Nice effect! And thanks for sharing it with everyone.

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