Material instance with dynamic Parameter Values

Hello guys! I have a problem… I created a material instance to make a dissolve effect, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to activate dissolve in my static mesh when they interact by pressing E… My goal is that after interacting with the static mesh, the value “Contrast” changes gradually until it dissolves the static mesh and then destroys it… could anyone tell me how I pull the scalar parameter group to add to the code? And how do I make the dissolution be gradual?

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Thanks for the help friend!
I’m just not able to connect the MI_Dissolve in Collection, would you know why this doesn’t happen?
Thank you, have a great day

maybe because of this?


you must create the dynamic material instance to dynamically change it.
Also store in that variable and also set the material to the objects you need ofc.

I’m really trying, doing the same steps you went through, but it doesn’t seem to make it active yet to use!

but you are not calling it

call it in event begin play

Ah yes, I have already activated the Event Begin Play, everything happens normally, the staticmesh is not destroyed immediately, everything is ok… but I am not able to connect the material instance in the same way, so the dissolution does not occur

I’m sorry friend, I got it now!
Thanks for your help!
Have a great day

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sorry to bother you again, just one last thing… my staticmesh has 2 materials… both of them I put M_Dissolve_inst, but when the effect occurs, only the body dissolves (element 0), the hair (element 1) continues without dissolution until the actor is destroyed

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