Material Instance Windows Empty

Hi, I need help!!
Material Instance UE5 worked yesterday, I could choose the color parameter and the roughness parameter, but now this window is blank. what happens here? My screen:
(Configuration Material Instance Desapear UE5? - YouTube)
When Material Instance was working I was following this tutorial:
(Learn Unreal Engine 5 for Blender Users - UE5 Beginner Tutorial - YouTube) but I didn’t understand when I opened the program again the options simply disappeared, the window opens empty (opening with two mouse clicks as in the video).
This occurs in a new project, or also when opening an existing one, making it impossible to study the software in this way.
How to fix this bug? This is a basic thing, I need to access this window to transfer my assets made in Blender and enjoy some shader settings! Help! Please!!

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I had the same issue today. TO fix it I loaded the default editor layout and it worked again.

Go to “Window” → “Load Layout” → “Default Editor Layout”