Material Instance Editor does not load material on custom mesh

Unreal Engine 4.9

> Viewport

“The preview mesh can be changed by using the associated button controls (the shape buttons, Select Preview Mesh combo, and Use Selected StaticMesh button). The preview mesh is saved with the material so that the next time the material is opened in a material editor, it will be previewed on the same mesh.”

  1. Save the material instance and then close it.
  2. Open the saved material Instance.

Yes, the preview mesh is saved with the material instance.
Yes, the preview mesh will be displayed first when the material instance is re-opened.

No, the material is not previewed on the mesh.
The preview mesh is displayed in its original form.

A value of a parameter on the material instance needs to be changed before the material will be applied to the preview mesh.

Regards, Rigel