Material Function - World Aligned Texture/Normal With offset & Rotation.

not part of this tool. use a flatten normal node.

Luos, thanks a ton for these nodes. Practical uses in many situations! On another note, does anyone know how to access the alpha channel after its been aligned? I want to mask floor tile roughness so some are glassy and some are matte. Normally I would use the alpha channel of the diffuse, but since I couldn’t access the alpha I used a separate texture lookup for the mask. Is there a better way? I attached the material in question to demonstrate.

you need to plug the alpha channel into it separately.
first pin = RGB, then R pin, G pin, B pin, Alpha pin.

also showing some slightly more advanced setup on how to keep textures panned/rotated.

Sorry Luos, not sure I understand. How can I use the alpha pin separately on a texture object?

apologies, just woke up when I wrote that hehe.
These functions do not allow for the alpha channel because I never added support for it.
As someone who almost never uses alpha channels it didnt cross my mind.

I need to do some testing when I have time, but i’ll see if i can add the functionality (or a new function) to support alpha channels.

(nudge me in a week if i didnt, because I either forgot or got busy)

Hey Luos! Great work!

I too need support for the alpha channel since I’m in the same boat as QuasiBerrry :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully the alpha functionality isn’t too difficult to add on your end!

Added, can redownload it from gumroad :slight_smile:
Also added a 4.15 version.

Thanks Luos, you’re a life saver!

Thanks Luos!!

Changed the scalar’s for the texture into vector 2 so you can scale/resize each axis (of each axis) seperately :slight_smile:

update available at: UE4 - Luos's World Aligned Texture Material functions.

Hi Luos,

Does the latest release is 4.16 compliant ? I tried the 1.03 in 4.16 but the material editor preview seems getting a different result when it is applied in the scene.



you might have to manually port it from 4.15 to 4.16, but it works like a charm for me.

What do you mean by porting it ? What I did was just to place the directory named Mat_functions in the game/content directory of my 4.16 project. Is it the way you recommend ?


IF it doesnt work, put it in a 4.15 project, and convert the project to 4.16.
I dont think I have seen any changes that would need to do that though.

This is a great node! Thanks! One thing I noticed though is that World Aligned textures don’t rotate with the object, it would be great to be able to optionally use something like the Object Orientation node and drive the rotation of the texture so it followed the objects rotation, I’ve been trying to work this out based on other forum posts and functionality I’ve seen built but so far I’ve had no luck, would you be able to help there Luos?

Hmm, sounds too complicated since you would need to take the objects location, rotation, texture size, texture location, and more into consideration for that.
Not gonna happen on my end, but if someone finds a proper way to add it to this shader I’d be more than happy to accept the changes.

This node does not appear to work correctly for decals, is there a method to get world aligned normals / textures in decals? I’d be greatly interested to hear your thoughts

Something I’ve done in the past is optionally use Local Position instead of World Position to give the ability to lock the texture to the object. This does mean you’re no longer world aligned but does preserve the ability to quickly create rough blends for dynamic objects without UV maps.

Just wanted to say thanks for this - super handy, just what I was looking for!

Is there a way to get your nice material functions working in UE4.20?