Material Function - Advanced Fresnel Segmented - Free

Material function that allow to you to create a very nice Fresnel effect using Schlick’s model, the nice feature of this fresnel effect is that you can “segment” the effect, applying the effect only in a portion of the mesh, you can create a Fake rim or back light very quick, even useful in visual effects.

Enjoy it. :slight_smile:

Link to download.


Very nice!! thank you :slight_smile:

Amazing work, many thanks!

thank you!

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New update, now the effect works with Fresnel Function:

  • Schlick’s model from the book “The Renderman: Shading Language Guide” (Implemented by myself).

  • Fresnel (Unreal Function)

  • Standard Fresnel Func (Unreal Function)

Files update for Unreal 4.15.



First I want to thanks all the people that download this “Advanced Fresnel – Segment”. I realized that most of the people like the effect, so I added a new function “ramp3Color”, that allow to you to create a color transition using a ramp with 3 colors, similar of the ramp of maya, you can configure the 3 colors and the position in the ramp.

I hope that you enjoy these new function to create amazing effects.

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Gumroad Link:

Really thanks for all the people that donated and invited me a coffe :slight_smile:

Thank you for this!

Hi Eduardo!
Thanks for releasing this!

Would this alo work with sprites that has normal-maps + mask?

Thanks. Useful for lots of things.