Material for video Stereopanoramic 360

Hello devs,

I have been working on a 360 video for Oculus Go, I have done the render for 4096 x 4096, the problem that I have now is that I can not get to the appropriate material to visualize the top/down video render which is Left and right (eye), if anybody have any solution it would be a big help, Thanks guys

Hi, if you’re always looking for this, here is the material setup :

Material has to be set as Unlit, and two-sided.
Set Texture coordinates to 1,0.5
Custom node is set as Float 1 and it’s expression is : ‘return ResolvedView.StereoPassIndex;’

Settings described in the tutorial there : UE4 VR Tutorial: Oculus Go Unreal Engine VR Tutorial | Elara, although with 4.23 the settings used for the project settings don’t work.