Material error


Please can someone point me in the right direction. I imported a FBX file from SketchUP and some of the textures / materials have “patchiness”. (refer to the pots on the left and the grass to the bottom right)

The pot in the front is closer to what I’m looking for - one unified colour. I opened the imported textures that came with the FBX files and editted. However after building the lighting, it retains the terracotta colour but square patchiness remains like the pots behind it.

The grass problem appears to be the same except they are triangulated and not square in form.


EDIT - When I review the mesh it doesn’t reveal this error. When I edit the material, the preview also doesn’t show this error. Possibly a lightmap setting / error

Im pretty sure thats either your smoothing groups or a lightmap problem. Does the problem only show up after you build lighting?

That means your object does not have proper lightmap UV’s set up so things might be overlapping or repeating: