Material Error for landscape

I am using the new ASA devkit and trying to create my own map. I have been trying to figure out why I cant seem to use any of the material to paint my landscape. I have a feeling it has to do with this error

[AssetLog] D:\ARKDevkit\Engine\Content\Maps\Templates\Template_Default.umap: Failed to Compile Material Instance with Base MM_NewIsland for platform PCD3D_SM^, Default Material will be used in game.
Missing Material Function
Missing Material Function
(Node LandscapeLayerBlend) Cannot mix MaterialAttributes and non MaterialAttributes nodes

I may be dumb and its right in the message but idk what im looking for to resolve this? should I reinstall the devkit?

Did you solve this issue? I have the same problem. I know that this error can appear when using quixel megascan and the way to solve that is to manually remove the material/model and reinstall it. however, i am hesitant to reinstall arkdev just simply because of the size and i am looking into any other resolution.