Material error causes editor to hang

Working with the M_Basic_Floor material, turn on tessellation. Create a vector 3 (0,0,0) and input that to a Position Transform node (Local to World) and input that to the world displacement input on the material. This will cause error X3017. Opening the output log will then cause the editor to hang.

Which version of the editor are you using?

I just tested that in 4.5.1 and it did not crash, are you using flat or pn triangle tessellation?
EDIT: Tried both tessellation, neither crashed for me, do you have any other windows open at the time?

version 4.5.1

I’m not able to get it to happen on my end, but could you please attach the files and info detailed in the following post, This will help Epic find the cause of your issue:

Thank you!

Hey electricsauce -

I want to clarify your reproduction steps.

  1. Open the UE4 Launcher in Windows
  2. Create a New Blank Project with Starter Content
  3. Open the M_Basic_Floor Material
  4. Select the Material Attributes
  5. Turn Tessellation Method to PN_Triangles
  6. Add a Constant 3 Vector with a value of (0,0,0)
  7. From the Constant 3 connect to a Transform Postion node with settings of Local to World
  8. From the Transform Position connect to the World Displacement
  9. See Error code in Stat Window
  10. Open Window >> Output Log

Expected Results: Engine Hangs and freezes

Currently Reproducible internally: Engine opens the Output Log

Please let me know if there is something in the above steps you are doing differently.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

That’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m running an i7 with 16 G of ram, and an AMD 280 with 3 monitors.

Hey electricsauce -

I have tested this again on a Windows 8 machine, but haven’t been able to directly reproduce this issue. If you can, please unplug your third monitor and see if you get the same slowdown and hang and let me know one way or another. I am feeling that this is the only direct connection that I cannot directly test and it might be the resultant memory related issue.

Also on a side note for future reference I wanted to make you aware of that the Transform Position node has been deprecated, “This node is deprecated due to major precision problems when used to derive world pos away from the origin! Use the WorldPosition node instead.” (

Thank you and let me know -

Eric Ketchum

After disconnecting the third monitor I was unable to reproduce the issue. After reconnecting the third monitor, I am also unable to reproduce the issue. Since it occurred every time I went through the steps listed above before I disconnected the monitor, I have to assume it was related to the eyefinity setup. Thanks for looking into it.