Material Effect Collection

Hey everyone!

I’ve been playing with Unreal model and post-processing shaders and wanted to share the codes with you, in case somebody will find them interesting.


Adding Occlusion to Multicolor Soft Outline - PART I (post-process)
Adding Occlusion to Multicolor Soft Outline - PART II (post-process)

**Multicolor Soft Outline in Unreal Engine (post-process)

**](Multicolor soft outline in Unreal Engine)

**[Partial Post-Process Application (post-process)](Partial Post-Process Effect Application in UE4)**

Toon Shading (post-process)](Cel Shading Post Process In Unreal Engine)

Hatch Shading with Light Direction (model)](Hatch Shading with Light Direction in Unreal Engine)

View-dependent Hatch shader (model)

Sobel edge detection (post-process)](Sobel Edge Detection in Unreal Engine)

Oil painting effect (post-process)](Oil Painting Post-process Effect in Unreal Engine)

**Material and Helper Functions **
Fixing Viewport Size in UE 4.19+

I’ll be really happy to hear your thoughts on this and if you use them feel free to share the projects images/videos. I’m always up to try doing more (mostly NPR shaders), so feel free to drop your suggestions for the effects. Hope this will help someone. Cheers!

Okay, I just tried to set it up :

(see picture)

But it doesn’t work at all ahah… It’s like a basic texture applied on a mesh, and it doesn’t react to anything like it does in your video. What did I do wrong ?

EDIT: Oh okay, I was not setting my material to Masked…
But anyway, other question comes to my mind, is there any way to apply this as a post process material ? In order to apply this to the whole level ?