Material editor problems

Hello my name is Daryl,
I am new to UE4 but I can do simple stuff like AI, bringing my own animations and characters into the game, level design, yada yada.
Anyhow, when I try to make a material via Material Editor. When I apply the appropriate constant 3 vector and lets say change it to red and plug the node into the base material…it doesn’t work. Even using constants to change the roughness and metallic and all that. I know what to do but it simple doesn’t appear in the node editor and I constantly get the default gray grid material. Even applying textures just doesn’t work. I don’t know what to do and it is stressing me out because I know I can do some really cool stuff with this. Also when I import materials via marketplace or from the starter pack…when I apply it to a static mesh the material disappears and I still get the default gray grid. When I try changing a material it also gets deleted. Compiling Shaders is always compiling so do I have to wait until this is finished before creating any materials? I just don’t understand what is going on. I am using UE 4.10.


You need to wait for the shaders to compile. To change the color of a material you would just plug in to the Diffuse slot of the material and then save the material.