Material Editor editor not appearing

I am using Unreal 4.9.2 (from unreal launcher not Github) and recently my material editor is not appearing at all. There are two unreal windows showing in the toolbar and when I hover over them it shows the main window and a blank white window with the unreal logo but that window refuses to open no matter what I do. It is the same no matter what material I try to open. Unreal doesn’t crash I just can’t edit any materials, closing and reopening doesn’t help nor does restarting the PC.

Alt text

Alt text

I am using windows 10 and have updated both my graphics drivers and Windows to the latest version whilst attempting to solve the issue to no avail.

I created a blank project in version 4.10.1. to see if the problem carried over and it didn’t appear to, the material editor opened fine.

Hey ChrisBirrell,

I have had this happen before, and the easiest way to correct this issue is to use the Reset Layout option, within the Windows dropdown menu.

Reset Layout


Let me know if this helped or if you need further assistance.


That seems to have solved the issue, many thanks.

Lifesaver! - Thanks!