Material editor displays just black texture

Hi everyone,

i’m totally new to UE and just trying my first scene. I followed different tutorials how to create a landscape material but i fail always. I can paint it in the landscape editor, but i cant preview the materials in the editor. Is just shows a black texture.


Material, Blend Layers, Textures: Attaching the Textures to the blend layer, attaching the blend layer to the material. Results in a black texture in preview.

Material, Textures: Attaching the textures directly to the material results in a perfect preview of the texture.

Preview weight in blend layer is also activated.

Attached you can find a screenshot of a dummy texture with the “black preview” problem. Any hints what i am doing wrong would be appreciated.


Divide 100 by the number of layers you have, and set the preview weights for each layer in your Layer Blend nodes to those fractional remainders. They have to add up to 100. So, if you have four layers, you can set the preview weight for each one to 0.25. In your three-layer example, set them to 0.333.