MATERIAL:- Creating Road Mat - first one....

Hi guys, I am trying to Generate lines (double yellows for instance) from the edge of a mesh using a material, is this possible? I have created a Tarmac already, but wondering how I generate the “from edge” then maybe creating a gradient of some sort to span over X… I would be able to do this in 3Dmax fairly easily, but since Unreal is new to me and Materials I haven’t touched before I am not sure where to start… any tips would be much appreciated!

I would create a UV channel specifically for the stripes and have it tile along the UVs. That way you could easily terminate it at intersections and do custom stuff for turns and the lane splitting. So you’ll want edge loops going along where you want the stripes. It’s probably cheaper than a complicated shader.

You could also try making a yellow stripe texture and import it into UE4, then use a decal sheet over the road and you might get good results. I have herd decals effect performance if they are not properly used so just keep an eye on the fps/ Frames Per Second.

Docs to the decal sheet:

Hope this helps :slight_smile: