Material - Creating an organic movement with mesh displacement

Hey there,

i have a pretty good overall knowledge of simple material creation, but i never tackled a rather complex material myself. I am struggling combining the little pieces together to from that effect i want.

the player stands inside the tube and it has an organic movement, like muscular movement from left to right. these movements should reoccur constantly. ideally, i want to have it all modular, like several tubes after another to form a complex “maze”.

currently my graph looks like this:

(the node to basecolor was just for visual understanding)

my thinking was, to work with a noise texture in worldspace to have all the tubes the same input for displacement. Then i want to manipulate the mesh that it pushes out the verticies on a local axis to get this kind of enlargement, as seen in image 1. I know, my graph doesn’t consider this at all, i just don’t have a clue how to start. And at last, the time-sine nodes to get that reoccuring movement.

The mapping in world space also has this kind of unflattering stretching to the sides, not sure how to solve that, so the movement animation won’t look silly.

any help is welcome!