Material color change

Hi guys,
I created basic building structure in 3DS Max. Model is working fine everything is as planned but when I spawn this mesh to game some of its textures becomes black ( image in attachments ).

Can somebody help me whats going on ?
Thank you for your answers


Hi FKKrjakonzo,

Try putting in in the default scene with the sky, add a Lightmass importance volume around the playable area and add a skylight. After, bake your lighting.

If you have your static mesh mobility set to static it uses the second uv channel to calculate the lighting. So if anything looks weird, just make sure you setup the lightmap uvs properly.

If you have set the static mesh mobility to movable it will take lighting from the samples created by the volume.

For extra info on lighting errors read this:

Hi Roel,
Thank you for your suggestion but there are several problems connected with it.
I could fix the problem by resetting material color on a specific element in mesh, and also I think that it might do something with shadows because most of (not all) invalid buildings are located behind a higher building. So it somehow affects all parts of mesh with same material by rendering shadow (dark) color. What do you think ? And how can I fix this in a first place?
Thank you again