Material Collection Project for Download

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Because of some stuff at home i was bored like hell today, so started to clean up my projects mess.

I gathered all materials that i collected or created with Tutorials over the time in one project.

Until here nothing special but after some thinking, i thought other UE4 newbies could use the stuff so even if I am not complete finished and i am myself a newbie, i will share this.

(And yes i made a lot of misspelling like color with e, i will correct it when i have time and concentration for it)

The Collection is created from Tutorials, Free UE4 Projects and from Community.

Video Preview

Download link (UPDATE 27.12.2014)

I will expend the collection and will update it from time to time, so if anybody has some some stuff to share even if it is a Blueprint Picture i will take it and add it.

Very good collection!
Thank you very much for uploading it for the community :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work! :wink:

And it’s for free! Thanks!

Good on you for giving back to the community. Love your attitude!

Awesome…Thanks for Sharing…

Super, Thanks

Awesome collection! Thx for sharing :slight_smile:

Updates Materials Project (27.12.2014)

Changes Positioning of:
-Post Process
-Vertex Painting
-World Positioning
-Bouncing Balls

Changes Stuff:
-Color - Material Attributes
-Gems (I hope it’s looking more real now)
-Ice01 and Ice03 Material
-Post Process HDR for better visibility with Bouncing Balls
-Glass 1, 2 and 3 for more real look

Add Stuff:
-Color Shift to Basic II Misc
-Vertex Painting Level 5
-Blackbox Alpha with (Emissive Light will not work by me what did i wrong? Force No Precomputed Lightning maybe?)
-----------Emissive Shift example
-----------Vertex Painting Level 5 Emissive Colors (Every Level with own Emissive Level scalar)
-Additive World Position for Modular Visibility
-Post Process Cel Shader Alpha (Not working correctly yet)
-Material Function: Distance Blend with example Material and Landscape (Slope)
-Auto Landscape Material by Slope (Beta)
-Advance Material
-----------Basic Snow Blend
-----------Basic Snow Blend Top
-----------Snow Blend Tessellation (Beta, Still waiting for the last part of the Tutorial from Liaret, but I reconstruct it as good as possible)

Removed Stuff:
-Post Process Color Down

PS.: If anybody has time and fun with it, you can help me with the stuff that is not working properly at the moment, the help is highly welcome :smiley:

hi, when I add the content to one of my projects none of the content come up, the folders do but not the content. the project file doesn’t work ether it just say to change the INI file

I will check this out,

What version do you use?

5.1 and 4.3

Ok i tested it and i have the same issue when i try to open the stuff in 4.3.1

I tried to Copy and migrate the stuff to a 4.3.1 project but even so it was not working.

Sorry but the only solution i can offer you is to update UE4 to 4.6.1

that’s cool, thanks anyway
I am waiting for 4.7 to do a upgrade.

Thanks a lot ! Really impressive collection ^^

Ok just for Info

I will trash this project as it is now (Download link will remain until new project is release), and rework it as a new one.

Because this one was done for me,and it is messy. But the new one will be a little bit more neutral and more organised.

[COLOR=#005590]@ Mrdazza_460 I also tested 4.5.1 with the same issues, it seems that only 4.6.1 is working with this project[/COLOR]

cool pack thx

I uploaded the new Project as work in progress beta

[video](Update) Project MaterialLab - with Community Beta - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums