Material changes with height position


I have the following problem. My blueprint door changes the color from dark grey (the color of the material assigned to it) to white when I move it up. If I move it further up, it turns grey again. Has anybody an idea whats going on?


Idk if you have tried all ready but rebuild the lighting and also add a capture sphere to the scene and maybe that will work.

Hope you get it fixed :slight_smile:

It’s all about this: Indirect Lighting Cache | Unreal Engine Documentation
Basically, you probably have a low density/poorly built indirect lighting cache which you can see if you go to Show>Visualize>Volume Lighting Samples. Your door being on movable catches a particularly bright spot and “thinks” that’s a very lit area.

Thank you.
I set the door frame now to static and will see after the next light build if things changed. If not I will try to work with a LightmassCharacterIndirectDetailVolume to fix this.