Material changes from blueprint to sequencer


I’m using Unreal to create a music video. I’ve used a blueprint that changes the emissive intensity and the base color of a material that I can apply to any mesh. I did not create the blueprint, I just modified it to what I needed. Below is everything that is within the BP.

I have a level sequence with a camera animation and an alembic of my main subject which I’ve gotten to work just fine within my sequencer. The problem I’m running into is getting the materials to change like in my blueprint. I don’t understand what I need to plug into the sequencer to get the same changes that are happening within my BP when I click play level. I have tried adding the BP then adding a track with the mesh I want affected and adding the material parameters there but that makes every change manual defeating the purpose of the blueprint.

If anyone could look at my blueprint and tell me what I need to add into my sequencer to make the changes happen that would be great. I have read about event tracks and BP interface but I don’t have enough understanding of blueprints to get it to work. In conclusion, I just want to play my sequencer and have the audio reactive material change that is happening in my blueprint so I can render out a video.