Material broken in shipping build

I have a translucent material with emissive color on a static mesh in world. I have a 2D scene capture pointed at it to make a texture that I’ve changed to UI so that I can apply it to the UMG. This is a pulsating yellow material. In the editor this works fine. the base icon is a yellow color, and when triggered this pulses yellow on top of it. This uses a sine wave. however, in the shipping build, this pulses black, and not yellow.
This is the view in the editor:


This is what it looks like in a shipping build, when it pulses down it shows the proper underlying color


Underlying color


Setup in game:

Here is the blueprint for the material that is being applied to the UMG:

Could this be a lighting/shadow problem? Have you baked/cooked contend in the editor?

Thanks for the reply, I just figured it out now. For some reason it works differently in the editor than it does in the game. Since this texture isn’t changing, in the editor I have it set to only capture the first frame. That seems to work fine in the editor. In the game, it doesn’t. Maybe some kind of timing issue? After I set it to capture every frame (it’s set to only capture that actor) it started working. I really don’t need it to do that, but I’m not sure if there is another work around or not.