Material Billboard Component cannot be scaled

Hello windywang,

I am unable to reproduce this issue on our end. I have a few questions for you that will help narrow down what issue it is that you are experiencing.

Quick questions:

  1. Can you reproduce this issue in a clean project?
  2. If so, could you provide a detailed list of steps to reproduce this issue on our end?
  3. Could you provide screen shots of any other settings that may be involved with this issue?
  1. create a new actor blueprint
  2. add a MaterialBillboard component
  3. add a material to Sprite/Elements, such as DefaultMaterial
  4. change the scale of this component or parent component, you can see the screen size of the billboard is not changed all the time

Hello windywang,

I was able to reproduce this issue on our end. I have written up a report and I have submitted it to the developers for further consideration. I have also provided a link to the public tracker. Please feel free to use the link provided for future updates.

Link: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-37381)

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