Material behaves very trippy on geo collections in UE5


I am using quixel materials in my project, but it behaves very trippy on geo collections. First I thought it’s something with the material, but tried with even the most basic ones and it’s unrelated to it. On Geometry collections ALL materials with enough detail to show it, behaves very trippy.

Tried to figure out if it was some weird blur (turned all motion blur off) or LOD setting, but no luck.

Anyone knows what this could be? Very annoying.

See the video: trippy_material.mkv - Google Drive

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I am experiencing this as well even in the new source build. Did you ever fix this?

I see that enabling Nanite in Preview2 will fix this, however, on some materials/meshes the material never seems to reappear and it turns into the worldgrid grey. Does anyone know how to properly make that work? something i have to do with the material?