Material based method to make objects collision able?

I have recently been looking at making assets so they can have collision etc… but it seems I must always ? make multiple proxy objects if I want my walls with collision, yet open doorways…

is there not a simpler, material based method to tell UE4 to make the selected object use collision ?

I have tried the engine own collision settings… but it always puts a solid box around something like a wall… so each wall must be modular… and I rather not have to model everything that way…

its twice as much work for each asset…

also. to cut down on build time, how might I import materials and textures I use in Maya ?

PS… “Use Complex Collision as Simple.”
does not work for doorways or one mesh exterior walls… always seems to block of the openings by simplfying the mesh and it closes the open edges/vertices

Use the “complex as simple” collision setting -> then the object will be the collider

3rd way:

Edit: Just saw your edit ^^ -> I’m sure that the “complex as simple” will work in nearly every case -> Check if you probably have some invisible vertices somewhere in the door opening

I don’t see that option…

how do I get to the collision menu the youtube video shows ?

this is the only static mesh edit window I can find thus far…

and as you can see, the simple collision (auto convex) closes any openings in the mesh…

In the search bar type in “collision” and then choose “use complex as simple” in the dropdown bar

in the details sidebar/window ?

In the static mesh editor- detail sidebar - search window :slight_smile:

The “proper” way to do it is to have a simple collision mesh as part of your static mesh

Read these links. I have also seen a video with a guy doing it with blender so it can be done there too.


With simple meshes you can even do that directly in the UE4 -> just add several collision boxes and then place them where you like :slight_smile: But for more complex ones the “3d program way” is the best one

i make custome collider with MAYA, and it work (but not perfect). but i think “3d program way” is the best right now, in UE, it’s hard to scale, rotate, edit… exactly

Is this the “correct” way? I’ve run into issues before where my assets and ue-based collision don’t scale uniformly in the viewport. Could just be I’m running a weird version of the engine?