Material as Parameter Type - Configurator Tutorial

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working through the Blueprint Essentials product configurator tutorial and am a little stumped. In this video at 8:35, Paul creates a new function called SetCabinetMaterial. He then creates a new Input for that function, which appears to default to a “Material” input.

When I do the same thing, mine defaults to Boolean, and I cannot find the option to have “Material” as a type of input. Can anyone help me identify where I’m going wrong?

Here’s how it looks in the tutorial, then how it looks in my version.

Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this for me.

Sorry folks; may have wasted your time here. About five minutes after posting this I managed to find the setting I was after. I’d been looking for the blue colour in the list, not realising that it wouldn’t show up blue until it was selected.

Thanks to anyone who read my post :slight_smile: