Material armor

In the new game “The elderscrolls online”, the armor system is pretty clever. The Arm-Armor “A metal plate on the forarm and leather gloves with metal pieces on them” is made so that the glove is just a material “because the hands are bending” and the forearm is just a mesh “like a socket”

My question is: How can one make something like this? How can one make changeable gloves that are just materials, and still keep the skintone, bodymarks material the player chose? Sorry if you dont understand what I mean, but please ask me questions if you didnt understand. Thanks

I’m not sure if I get it exactly, so you might wanna post a shot or two. But considering the phrase “the glove is just a material”, and “How can one make changeable gloves that are just materials”, I’d say instead of using meshes for gloves and trying to attach them to sockets, make the hands different material element in the 3d package, and in the editor you can easily set new materials on them.

Even if you still want parts of the skin and then the gloves, it still can be blended in the material setup to achieve what you’re looking for.

Yeah, but my problem is that I want the character to be able to change the skin color, and “tattoos, on the arm forexample” and gloves. I dont want to create a material for eatch combination. How can they change the gloves, skin and tattoos? :slight_smile: Thank you, btw.

Sounds like you are looking for Dynamic Instanced Materials. Take a look at that link, it should get you going in the right direction.

No you don’t need to create different materials for each combination, they’re separate mesh elements and changing one doesn’t affect the other. You basically create a material for the glove parts and change the parameters of it via blueprints or C++.

Ive been looking for that for a while, thanks Alexander!
Is it possible in blueprint to blend textures by z coordinate in BP? Like if I wanted my player to get mud on it, I could calculate how deep in a volume my player is…

Totally, just set up some parameters in the material, then you can do “Set Parameter” to the Material Instance via the blueprint. So you could have a mud texture in the Armor’s material, then use a Scalar Parameter (0-1) to drive how much mud texture appears over the armor texture.

You can see an example of this in the Content Examples Blueprint_Communication map. In the 3.3 section there are 3 objects that change as you shoot them with fire and water. They are using the technique I described.