Material applying incorrectly on imported mesh

So, I made this cube primitive in Blender, and I unwrapped the UVs in the basic “T” pattern for cubes. I’ve got another material that creates a whitish-blue outline effect, and it works perfectly on UE4’s basic cube primitive. Visually, there is no telling which cube is which when no material is applied to both cubes.

However, when I apply this material onto my imported cube, the material is completely messed up. I applied another material that used a cobblestone texture, normals and all, and it worked perfectly, no seams or anything. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Is it just the material I’m using?

UE4’s cube primitive on the left, my imported cube on the right.

And the material if it provides any insight

It’s your UVs, it should be pretty obvious if you imagine your T style UVs in the last multiply node. Most of them should be black and some would overlap the edge slightly. The UE4 version probably uses overlapping UVs, you can select Reset in the UV Mapping menu in Blender to make sure each face is mapped to the whole UV square.

Yup, you’re right. Got it working, thanks.