Material appears pixelated on large static mesh

Hi everyone,

I’m running into some issues with some materials that when applied to a large mesh appear to be pixelated, but when I apply the same material to a smaller mesh they look right.

In this picture, the material is applied to a small-sized static mesh and the material looks as one would expect. It’s a little blurry but it’s because the texture itself is pretty small.

In this second screenshot, you can see that the same material is looking extremely pixelated and doesn’t look right at all.

What could be causing that difference between the two meshes with the same material?


Could be a result of bad mip calculations.
hard to tell.

It’s probably related to whatever you are doing in the material or in the material instance.
Or with the Object Uvs if it’s not a bsp brush

Thanks for the reply!
It doesn’t appear to be a bad mip calculations as my textures are not streamed, all my mip gen settings are set to “NoMipmaps”.

Here is a screenshot of the same material on two different static meshes. One of them looks really sharp, while the other one is a mess.

Yea but the size of the texture is very different. I would say about x2 what the smaller one is.
so your UVs are bad / your texel density is off.