Material and material instance preview windows messed up. Key press detected when nothing pressed?

I’m having a really rough time with my editor today. I’m not sure what the problem is. Windows update? New antivirus? Other open programs? Who knows?

When I open the material editor or material instance properties, I get one of a few possible problems that’s making it impossible for me to make new materials and material instances.

When I click in anywhere in the material editor space, I get a new mask node, which makes me think that my editor is detecting a key press–whatever key it is that is the shortcut for creating mask nodes.

And I can’t control the material preview. The material preview window shows nothing there, and I can’t move the camera as far as I can tell. And the material instance preview either zooms really far in, or really far out.

Sometimes if I press Shift, the camera will zoom in to a more useful perspective.

Is anyone else having this problem? Any idea how to fix it?

Update: Now instead of creating mask nodes, left-clicking in the material editor is creating “unspecified function” nodes.

Update 2: I restarted my computer, and several services failed to start. But after I started them, it now looks like everything is working. A couple days ago my drawing tablet wasn’t working right and I had to restart my computer. And I occasionally get a video memory error beep code when I start up. I think my computer hardware must be burning out.

A forced windows update or a gpu one.If the hardware is old that may be part of the reason too but not that much.I for example get a strange thing with my brothers 1080ti and is that when you play on pc, the texture of the floor(if bsp) gets a green color(no texture) and if you look at the sky and back down, its fixed(same if used with a subsistance material in udk but only sometimes).So definitely some NVidia dx9 love there.Will have to check new drivers.

Most of the time is windows updates that like to fight udk.I have all of mine disabled/blocked and I killed windows defender :o

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was a Windows update. Windows 10 updates have been screwing up my Unreal install for over a year.