"Matchmaking" system


I’m creating a game similar to Valorant / League of legends - a light mix - for this reason I want to implement the “Matchmaking” system, known from these and other games. So to simplify, the game search system - no need to create 2 buttons, one to create a server/session beforehand, and searching through the second button,
all under one button, no server list.

I would like, of course, if possible - as best as possible - to do it with BluePrints, without using code. If that’s not possible, then I’ll have to do it anyway :confused:

I can use plugins, even now I’m trying to do something with advanced session plugin and steam session.
Maybe it can be done in these?

Well, it depends on what the requirements are, but generally you will need a plugin or integrate some C++ code to that project. Matchmaking is usually something that is done “outside” of the game and requires a clever setup of server and hosting. Various games does these things differently, but usually the players end up in a lobby based on their Elo. This lobby is often tricked to communicate with the client without actually hosting anything until all other clients are connected.

I highly recommend learning more about matchmaking before deciding to create such a system. This could perhaps be something to look closer at, however it is very expensive.

I know that it is often done according to many recommendations, based on some MMR principles. It’s more about basic operation, no “special” searches, like at the beginning… I don’t expect the game to be played with more than 10 players…
I want to play and learn the basics at the beginning, rather than buy assets/plugins right away, which I haven’t done even in the basic operation

Of course, there have been attempts to do it yourself… Something works, but sometimes it works in spite of variables/settings. Where 2 connections have been set up,
can connect 3 times or when one session is already hosted, the second player creates another one despite already being EMPTY/FREE

If you are doing this to learn, I can’t help you further. My personal suggestion would be to go another route if you don’t expect more than 10 players. Again, if you are doing this for learning purposes you should be prepared for a lot of technologies and other things that goes into such a system.

This could perhaps be of use: Matchmaking with Playfab || Complete Call of Duty Series || Unreal Engine 5 - YouTube

I learned not to expect something right away optimistically, it’s better to be surprised than disappointed … it’s easier to think that way. Of course, I should be ready for anything, but it’s like math, you can’t start adding without even knowing the numbers.

the video you sent may help, thanks. I’ll see if I can find something else, I’ll send it,
If I don’t find it, I’ll end the post

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