Matchmaking + Steam

Hello there,

I would like to set up a matchmaking system as a pubg. Basically, the player launches the game, in the main menu there is a “play” button, he clicks on it, and it launches a game.

Here’s what I understand about how it works: the player starts the game, during the loading, a connection to a server is made, then he gets to the main menu. he presses “play”, the server will look if a server has room, if so, it connects the player to the game, if there is no room, it creates a server instance (I think it’s called that).

I would like to know If Steam can help with this stuff or do I have to rent a web server somewhere.

And so I would like to know if I’m good, if there are other steps and how to do it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

How To Use Sessions In C++. This should give you a rough idea how this works. Keep in mind though that if you are making a game where lots of players will be in a single match, opening a map as a listen server is not going to cut it. You’ll have to use dedicated servers. As far as I know, Steam has dedicated server support, but I have no idea how that works to be honest.