Matchmaking Service

Hey Everyone -

I wanted to poll the community to see if anyone is looking for a full-featured matchmaking service. It would come with:

  1. Scripts to host a dedicated unreal engine server which scales based on the number of ongoing matches (ie: A server spawns when a match is ongoing, and turns off when it’s over - just like how League of Legends / Team fight Tactics / etc work). This would defeat the need for lobby systems.

  2. Unreal engine scripts to be able to queue and dequeue for matchmaking, then connect to a particular server that has spawned when successfully matched. This would include queuing with parties, solo, ranked (ELO), etc.

If I built this, the sources/plugins would be free, but the executable that runs the server would require a license. 14-day free trial and then with licenses that span from indie games $10 dollars per month to super successful games (Among Us) would cost 100 bucks per month. It wouldn’t be a game hosting provider, simply just the tools to host everything on your own cloud accounts.

Is this something that interests anyone?