Match-3 Blueprint problem.

Doesnt work Level change i do the same moves like a Video on Youtube but nothing … please check it maybe your project is dodgy its impossible to do the same like a video and nothing to happen … doesnt change level when is finish the moves that is … stopping there you cant do nothing or please send me the fixed M3_maingame i think is ther the problem … and doesnt come up when you finish the stage (level) the word Excellent or Good…

If someone know about this please help me 97fdb2d7e4f27e366bddd813d7813563e30f8267.jpeg

So nobody can help me, is so hard for one unreal engine Dev to find solution … i have stuck 3 days and the owner of this project doesnt answer me he just sell it dodge project from marketplace, i didnt know when you buy something from unreal engine marketplace is with my responsibility if is good nice if is dodge you lose your money


Please use a more descriptive thread title. Otherwise people will just ignore it. I feel that English is not your native language. The description of the problem is not easy to understand. You could get someone (or use google translate) to do a more accurate translation.

You should also try and see if there already exists a support thread or forum for this marketplace item. You will get quicker response there.

I write already about that support thread but nothing the owner of this project never is online but the only think what i want is some1 who have this project to check if is working the change level , when you finish one level to going to another one like a video , PLEASE CHECK after 9:50 for me that doesnt exist not working

Yout chances of finding anyone with that Marketplace project here in General, without a good topic name, is minimal.

Please tell us:

a) The name of the product (otherwise it is unlikely anyone will be able to help you).
b) The problem you are having. It’s good that you have included a screenshot, but your description needs to be more helpful.

We’ll try to help if we can, even if it is just moving the thread to the correct sub-forum. :slight_smile:

Match-3 Framework

B) i have a problem when i finish the level i done my moves i get the points for pass the level but doesnt appear the text EXCELLENT to press it for going another level



Thanks for answer please if you can help me

Please guys some1 who know about this problem … i am really bad i stay many hours and nothing …