MasterServers with blueprinting

How would this work?
I have a possible method but I want to know if it’s viable in the long run so that i don’t just waste my time.

First of all, I feel like I should explain what it is that I want the “Master Server” to actually do.
I want general character stats, inventory, storyline progression and other misc things to be stored on the master server, so you could have potentially several characters to join various dedicated servers and still able to keep the things you have earned previously, as well as have some sort of main hud that connects to leaderboards and other things.

I have next to no c++ or code knowledge, But I have been dabbling in Blueprints for a couple of years and have a a semi built networked game but I feel my knowledge and the game itself will improve drastically if I have a master server or If i’m using that term incorrectly, some form of database that all stats can be stored and retrieved from via dedicated servers.

Could I go about this by simply creating a level that loads on start of the game instance which connects you to a “MAIN dedicated server” for registration purposes aswell as having everything stored on to it, Then from there connect to another dedicated server which sends the “MAIN dedicated server” all of the stats and information that I want to store, is this at all possible or does it even make sense ?

And again, I need to do this without having C++ knowledge.

Unfortunately this is by no means something that a beginner can handle and there is now way around C++ for it. You need 3 components: The authentication server (where you’d store save files and such, google “authentication as a service” for a few common providers), the lobby server which handles load balancing, lobbies, rooms etc. and starts up dedicated servers as required, and finally you need your dedicated server which is simply your UE4 game server.

Even just the dedicated server requires C++ no way to do it in BP.

I appreciated the reply and I agree that it is probably something beginners can not handle, I don’t consider myself a beginner with UE4 as I can manage most things outside of C++, Although I don’t consider myself very experienced either, That’s why I’m looking for a work around, I’ve seen several “master server plugins” but I’m not sure they would work in the long run, as it depends on the author for updates, I down sold myself because I do have basic C++ knowledge from emulator days but not enough to start doing it without some proper guidance, The reason I’m asking if I can use dedicated servers for it all is because I already have Dedicated servers up and running.

I also own a PowerEdge R330 Rack Server with Linux as the OS, which I can use as a temporary before I get something more powerful.

Well, the master server itself is not related to UE4. Look at Photon Swarm, it’s what I use. But again, C++ or nothing unfortunately.

Alright thank you, if it turns out too hard then I will give it up as a bad job, thanks again.

Just an update ; DamirH is right, there is no way to do this without some code knowledge, Even dedicated servers require some sort of fiddling with. That being said I have created a dedicated server with a webapi, to store user information as-well as log tokens, this acts as a sketchy master server, with more tinkering it should be fully usable.