Masters Project in Game Development

Hey people! I’m currently pursuing my masters in Computer Science and Engineering. I was thinking to use my skills as Graphic Designer, Programmer, 3D Modeler, Audio Production in the project. I’m not a pro but I can get things done. I have about 1 year of time to complete the project. So I need help in selecting a project which has to be technically innovative AI/ML for example I’m pretty sure there are many other things which I don’t know yet. I would be glad to get suggestions from you guys. I’ve done some basic projects in unity few years back but I like unreal because it uses C++ which is go to language. I have no experience with unreal but I would like to learn it and expand my skills.


Make AI pick best cover spots to defend against horde of enemies.
All subsystems are already in place (besides deep AI), easy and fast to train.

Or AI for dogfights in space with inertia fuel limitation etc.
Maybe tamagochi like pet driven by deep AI.

Enhance AI spatial awareness via audio cues and ‘hearing’ ranges for a stealth game, or an RTS with a specific ‘class’ of enemy possessing enhanced aural abilities.

AI in UE is pretty limited. UE needs AI / ML systems that learn from / mimic human players: combat / shooter for example.
The system should train the AI to be smarter and do more interesting things, be less predictable (just like human players).
Academics have done huge work in this area. But it hasn’t filtered down into game engines (most are still just rule based).
This makes the system complex, inflexible and hard to maintain. But It also misses out on emotioneering: grudges & fear…
Overall UE has great visuals, but AI hasn’t kept up. We’re still using Bots that are stuck in the last decade (what UDK had)…:wink:

Cool ideas @Nawrot I will definitely look into them.

Wow, pretty advanced sounding thanks I’ll look into it.

@EntrpriseCustomr thanks for the heads up. I really like UE’s visuals. I’m gonna think about best engine for my use case. Thanks for the reply. I’ll get back if my proposal gets approved by my guide.