MasterPose with addon bones animation

I have two skeletons : Base and Wings.

“Base” is having the basic skeleton structures and “wings” having extra bones for wings.
Base has running, walking, jumping and some other basic animations. While wings has flapping animation.

How do i masterpose the Wings to the Base while enabling
the flapping animation from the wing skele
and the Running animation from the base skele?

Don’t use master pose component, create an animation blueprint for the wings and use copy pose from mesh

Many thanks mlindborg! I had mindblocked for a couple of days till your posting as i had tried many options.

It seems to be working with layer blend in anim graph for the child skele(wings). I need to test it further before concluding.

Yeah, it is working!

Created an additional bone (wingMain bone in the wing skele) for linkage to the wings, instead of using spine_03 bone.