Mastering Unreal Technology - The Art of Level Design

Dear EPIC:

I had purchased the book “Mastering Unreal Technology” - The Art of Level Design by Jason Busby and Zak Parrish a while back. Now I would like to use the CD
files it came with however, the lessons on the CD do not open up properly with any of the editors on any operating system, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 etc.

I tried using various methods to get these files to open however, they just do not open and generate an error message.

I would like to know if there is any kind of patch, updated files to this book or just something that can be edited via registry or even debug
the editor to make these files work. I have been a 3DBuzz fan forever. I am currently using Unity, Unreal 4 and Sandbox editors for editing
and level creation. There is just so much to learn and the information in the book mentioned above is so valuable to me that despite my
failures in trying to make this work, I am sure there is a solution out there that someone can help me with.

It seems that this is an error many level designers have experienced.

I will certainly appreciate in advance any help with regards to getting the files on the CD to work in the
Unreal editor, whether it be UE2, 3, 4, whatever!

Thank you for your time.


Hello dude, and welcome!

First of all, any doubt about this book itself, I think you should contact the authors of the book, because, I If am not wrong, EPIC doesn’t have anything to do with the authors of the book (I am not sure)

About the files not being able to open, which error message you received?

Generally you can’t open newer packages on older builds of UDK. You could install the latest UDK build which is from frebruary 2015 to see if you can open these files.



I’m looking for the book “Mastering Unreal Technology: The Art of Level Design” but I’m not finding it.

Could you help me where can I buy this book?

I am studying the version of UE 3, my hardware does not support UE4.



Ebay shoud be the place.Ive seen pdfs of that one over the internet,just give it a search.