Mastering Unreal Technology - Book

Hi all,
I found the titles of two books on the Internet.
Mastering Unreal Technology volume 1 and 2.
These books teach game development using Unreal Engine 3. What about Unreal Engine 4?
Is Unreal Engine backward-compatible?

Some of the general concepts will carry over and some of the systems like Cascade and Matinee, but for the most part the details of how you perform specific tasks and the interface for the tools will be different. It could be helpful in some areas and frustrating in others. I would probably advise reading the documentation and watching the video tutorials for UE4 instead.

Also there are a couple of e-books written by Ryan Shah, including a new one that was just released.

The first book

The new book

They go over how to create a simple game using blueprints as well as some background. I recommend reading the documentation & watching youtube tutorials as well as reading the books as they don’t cover everything you need, but are a good start. :slight_smile: