Master UE4 material editor, or learn Substance?

Hello community members,

I have been cruising along learning unreal day by day. On my facebook feed, I see a lot of cool materials created by using Substance. Im curious here. Is it better and worth my time to master Substance vs mastering the unreal engine material editor? What are the benefits to learning one versus the other? Thanks for any advice in advance.

You need to learn both of them. SP is just a texturing program. In UE material editor you combine and manipulate the textures created in SP to create the final material.

They are kinda similar, skills learned in one will kinda help in the other. Substance is better for creating materials from scratch. Learning the material editor in UE4 will allow you to add more variation, break up tiling, do some cool tricks with blending, how materials tile, animating, etc.

You need to at least learn how to create materials in UE4, Substance offers some extra features but it’s not an alternative. It allows you to create a material that can be used within multiple programs and for things like UE4 you can modify the texture parameters in-game. But for the UE4 material editor there’s a lot of other stuff you can do.

Ok, sounds great. Thank you for all the replies