[MASTER THREAD] Industrial Design Props


I’ve submitted the initial pack for this collection to the store and I wanted to open up this master thread so I can post updates and keep you guys informed about what’s happening.

This is a pack of high quality, industrial design influenced furniture and props. The design is a mix of found objects and re-purposed machinery. These can be used to decorate an entire room or just add a single interesting design element.

What’s important to you, the consumer, is that this will be a living pack. I’ll be adding new pieces to it over time (every few weeks) and the price will go up each time I do that. However, once you buy in, all updates are free! So if this set interests you, getting in sooner will work to your advantage.

These are medium poly meshes, meaning that some get up around the 12,000 triangle range (but most are far below that). They all share a single set of textures so the draw calls are pretty optimized.

Below are some screenshots of SOME of the pieces in the pack. I will keep continue to update these shots as new meshes are added over time.

Once the pack is approved and in the store, I’ll update this thread with the link and info.







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Nice set of assets, but I’m not a fan of the hinges on the 2x4’s. I understand the the theme is “re-purposed”, but for the life of me, I cannot imagine why you would put 2 hinges that close together on 2x 2x4’s.

It would be nice if the props where made into instanced BP meshes, with the base mesh and the accessories (hinges, metal plates, etc…) that way they can be customized.


Do you mean you’d like to be able to add the accessory objects to the base mesh yourself? I’d considered doing that but it seemed like every mesh would be a mass of smaller meshes and it would get expensive really quickly.

Each mesh has a blueprint, BTW, that allows for things like color tinting and other cosmetic tweaks.

Let’s take for example the desk. For the components, you would add instanced static meshes (ISM). The desk would be the root object, and the hinges as a sub-object. For the construction script:

  • Add ISM (desk)
  • Boolean variable (Show Hinges) set the visible
  • Do a branch, if Show Hinges = true, then add ISM (hinges)… if Show hinges = false, then Remove the ISM

Just a quick suggestion. Granted, you would have 2 draw calls instead of 1, but that would be the price of doing it like that.

Right, OK. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hey all! Quick update …

First the pack is going live next week on the 21st! So if you’re interested in getting in on the ground floor of this living pack, that will be your moment. :slight_smile:

Also, I recently finished a new environment for my portfolio where I used a few of these props to fill out the room. You can check it out here:

“Moving Day”](https://www.artstation.com/artwork/moving-day-environment)

You can see them in this shot particularly:


This scene ALSO uses a bunch of props from my arch vis packs. The light switches, the mirror, and a few other things. Check those out here:

Arch Vis Polish Pack #1

Arch Vis Polish Pack #2

2015-10-15 17_20_04-Content by Warren Marshall - UE4 Marketplace.png

Thanks for looking!

Aaaaaand we’re live!

2015-10-21 16_30_27-Epic Games Launcher.png


First update is starting into production so if you want this at the introductory price, grab it now. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

Update #1 is being submitted to the marketplace today. 5 new meshes are being added and the price will be going up to $30. Remember that the way this pack works is that all updates are free after you buy in - so get in now to receive this update FOR FREE when it goes live.