Master servers?

I was informed recently that the UT2k4 master server is down, likely forever. Due to this reason I have gone through a lot of trouble to set up my own for my UT2k4 server.I was not made aware of the status of the UT3 master servers however. I could not log in this morning with my normal login Bl0ckH3ad so I tried to create a new login and was given a error message that leads me to believe the master servers are down for UT3 as well. Please see attached image. Is this going to be fixed? or is this a gamespy vs Unreal issue? I have heard through the rumor mill that unreal was or is at odds with gamespy. Anyway a few answers would be really cool, especially when gameservers is still renting UT3 servers and I was considering setting up a small one so my personal mutators could be accessible to play. Thanks