Master Server

Hey everyone!
I’m currently working on a multiplayer game. Right now I’m looking into ways to create some kind of online game list for players, so they can easily see other players and join their game. This is usually handled by a master server. Other game software like Unity (or even Steam) provide such a service for their users and you can easily create and list games on such server, which makes me happy! Now I’ve googled this a bit and it seems that Epic does not provide such a service for Unreal4 customers, which makes me really sad :frowning:

Unity has a master server.
Steam has a master server.
Unreal4 has no master server :frowning:

Is there another solution to this? Are there ways to make your own master server (without paying for it)?
Are there any plans by Epic to provide a master server in the future?

This may not be a Blueprint related question, but I would also like this function exposed to be usable through Blueprint (I’m a Blueprint kind of guy).
Thanks and have a great one!

You could have a map which loads, connects to a main server, and have everyone who is playing registered there upon connecting.

From that matchmaking etc map, have them load a new instance of the server to play on.

simple code your own server… Independent form the game engine.
atm the “Master Server” of my current Project is coded with php and I use ufnas REST pluginto get it in blueprint.

You can use this solution to to run a master server on Windows / Linux and get a list of game servers using the UE4 plug-in.…server-listing