Master server, Lobbies, and Hubs?

I’m trying to get a sense of direction regarding connecting to a master server. I see that UT has an elaborate Lobby and Hub system. I’m not sure how that works or if it’s even necessary. (I wasn’t able to find an archive of the TwitchTV episode that described the UT Lobby/Hub system.) All I was really shooting for was your typical quake-style master server scenario. Any suggestions or insights would be appreciated.

I think there is a marketplace item or two that might do what you want.

For my game jam games I used a simple ASP.NET webpage to serve as a name server for dedicated servers and did the rest in UMG/blueprint - GitHub - bitporters/SETUSFREE: My first UNREAL ENGINE game jam game - a mashup of Stylized Rendering +

I think I should have qualified my question a little better – I want to be able to use Steam to find a server. However, using HTML is another idea that might be useful.

check out generic shooter - - "*Server List will work with Steam with no modifications, you just need to enable Steam in your project, otherwise it will be LAN only "

You can also checkout my Project:

There you have a Lobby, Chat etc as single Systems that you can rebuild and integrate into your Games.
If you want to have a generetic shooter, then buy Allars Generic Shooter.

Check out Allars Post to get the difference between our Projects (and the price difference):

All Network done in UE4 can be used with and without Steam. UE4 does use Function wrappers for the Session functions, so as soon as you enable Steam, everything will work the same + you
get Serverlists etc online, managed by Steam (or any other Subsystem).

If my project was just starting out, those would be a real time saver. But I’m actually pretty far along now. The server browser stuff is one of the last major obstacles to the coding effort. I think I figured most of it out. But it looks like there’s something not happening with the HostSession and/or the GameInstance that needs to take place.

Hm, don’t know if someone already suggested this, but you might want to look into the ShooterGame.

It does some fancy stuff that might confuse you, but maybe you find the missing piece there.

I’m looking at the ShooterGame right now… in particular the GameInstance. Yep, it’s doing all sorts of stuff that I handled elsewhere. But I do see I’m missing some things too.

there is also the multiplayer shootout example in the learn tab

Yes, but that one is Blueprint only and the Sessions node in BP do much more than only calling “Create Session”.
They call alot of things in C++ that you need to do if you want to recreate it in C++. (Epic said that when showcasing
the Shootout Project).

Well, I looked at the ShooterGame carefully and used it as a guide to fill in the missing pieces. But I’m getting Steam session errors:

LogOnline:Warning STEAM: Can’t start an online game for session (Game) that hasn’t been created

So I tried to launch a Listen Server with the ShooterGame and it also fails with the same message. Steam is up and running, so I’m not sure what’s going on here.

I looked at the logs and found this message in there:

LogLinker:Warning: Can’t find file ‘/Script/OnlineSubsystemSteam’

This is a bit strange because the Steam community pop-up is showing up in the lower right as expected.

You can use this solution to to run a master server on Windows / Linux and get a list of game servers using the UE4 plug-in.…server-listing