Master Sequence Shot Snapping/Performance

I am currently creating cinematics via sequences and master sequences. For this project, I am combining 2 sequences together into a master sequence using the shots track for camera cuts.

The main issue I am having happens when the shots/cameras switch in game (In editor preview it is perfectly smooth with the cuts). There is 1 frame (sometimes more on lower end machines/consoles) where the shot/sub sequence “warms up”. Models are either not there yet, or in t pose and not playing animations yet.

Are there any methods out there to pre warm up the next shots before they appear to avoid the nasty snap that happens in between these shots? Maybe a camera setting to make sure everything in the vicinity remains rendered at all times instead of rendering as the cam comes to that location in the map?

I have tried assembling the master sequence via sub sequences and camera cuts instead, but the same exact result happens. I also went through and optimized cine lighting as much as possible to keep performance up

Let me know if anyone has had a similar issue

Hey, I’m having this issue. Did you ever find a way to fix it?