Master Sequence not playing Shots Correctly

So I have a cinematic in my project. I have my Master Sequence with a Shot Track and my shots with a Camera Cut Track each. The problem is that, when playing the Shot, everything works fine, but when I play the Master Sequence with the shots, some **cameras **are shown, and some other cameras aren’t. The events and movement of actors that are in the Shot are happening, but certain cameras are not working and it doesn’t show the camera’s perspective. If I create a new camera, and I copy all the keyframes of the camera that isn’t working, then it works (at least the one time I tried before this happened to me again.)

Did you get to the bottom of this? I still have the same issue.

maybe rename the cameras for each shot? maybe there’s names colliding

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Same problem.

I just had this issue. For me, right-clicking the broken shot/sequence from within the Master Sequence, going to ‘Properties’ and then setting the ‘camera binding ID’ to the correct camera worked. It was tagged as “unresolved” until I reselected the camera for some reason. Not quite sure what happens if you have more than one cam in the shot, though…


Thanks for posting! That one had me stumped for a good hour or so!

Gave the same problem, this is the solution. Thx!