Master Pose Component


I want to be able to switch und add Clothes to my Character and read that this is possible with the so called “Master Pose Component”. I have no idea how that is supposed to work and haven’t seen any Documentation or Screens on how to use it. I have a Character and my Cloth Mesh and both are Skeletal Meshes. For the Master Pose Component you need to have a “Skinnes Mesh Component” for the “New Master Bone Component” but I have no idea how to add one or how to convert my cloth into one.
Can someone help me and tell me how to set this stuff up correctly so I am able to Add/Switch/Delete different Cloths at runtime with Blueprints?

Thanks in advance!

Ich have the following Set-Up which I thought would work but apperently it doesn’t.


The Character is my Character in the “MyCharacter” Blueprint and the “T-Shirt Mesh” is my T-Shirt I want to put on my Character. The “T-Shirt Skinned” is an empty “Skinnes Mesh Component” which I wanted to insert my T-Shirt Mesh into and apply it to the Character with the help of the Master Pose Component. But it’s not working this way.

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Tried multiple things so for, but nothing worked. In the end T-Shirt skinned is always “none”.


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I recently comes across the same problem, and find a solution.
Your mesh must be a master pose for additional parts.

Thanks a lot that works!